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Applied Positive Psychology

Scientific Study of Individual and Public Happiness

Objectives and Recipients

  • 1st English Edition // Beginning: Classes in January 2018 and May 2018
  • Fee: €2500
  • Application Period: Until 30 September 2017
  • ECTS:: 60

In a moment of great demand all over the world for those we aspire to promote wellbeing, this postgraduate course endorses the science and practice of Positive Psychology and contributes to a broadening of knowledge in a rapidly developing area that can be reflected in structural changes in individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning to help people thrive, as individuals and as collectives. This Applied Positive Psychology course is a foundation course to help students not only acknowledge and understand the research on the fundamental themes, authors and concepts, but also to equip students with useful and relevant tools to apply in their personal and professional lives.

It aims to enable students to develop effective positive interventions that are scientifically and ethically supported, and to build useful tools for their fields of action, while contributing to their personal development.

The course therefore intends to develop and improve skills for intervention and research through positive psychology in areas such as coaching, psychotherapy, economics, education, health, social, organizational and community domains, and fostering a professional practice based on sound and updated research.

The program also proposes to facilitate reflections and changes on political, economic and cultural aspects in a society that is at a pivotal time for substantive transformations, and to co-construct with the participants diverse creative and useful tools to substantiate those changes.

Finally, it aims to carry out postgraduate training with high quality and clear relevance at national and international level, which can be a formative reference in Positive Psychology at the European level.

The scientific quality and diversity of its teachers also assures a high educational standard.

This course is aimed at a broad public of diverse areas such as businessmen, human resources managers, coaches, psychologists, politicians, economists, teachers and educators, counsellors, health professionals, professionals working in social and community arenas like social workers, among others.